About Us


SPS – The Indonesian News Publisher’s Association was established in June 8th 1946, as a place for news publisher’s gathering. Experienced by the dinamic social – politic and economic situations in this country, one of the greatest moment to transformed this organization as a modern organization, happened in 2011, coincide with the Kongres XXIII at Bali in June 7-9th 2011.  At the 65th age of the organization, SPS did re-branding, changed the logo, and transformed itself to be more than an organization for news publishers (newspaper, tabloid, and  magazine).

The transformation of organization’s name and logo from Serikat Penerbit Suratkabar (SPS) into Serikat Perusahaan Pers (SPS), made SPS to be an organization for every wide press company. Not only for print media,  but also for non – print media such as online and broadcast. The transformations caused by the dinamic impulse that happened in global media business industry, who assumed that now and in the future, the media business will also transforming into a new format as an information business. But no matter the kind of media platforms, content or information is the “soul” and product to be distribute.

Nowadays, after Kongres XXIII at Bali, SPS led by Mr. Dahlan Iskan as the Chairman and Mr. Jakob Oetama as the Chairman of Advisory Council. While in the daily official, Mr. Ridlo Eisy role as the Executive Chairman.

After Kongres XXIV at Batam, future management of SPS period 2015 to 2019 is led by Mr. Dahlan Iskan as the Chairman, Rikard Bagun as Vice Chairman and Basril Djabbar as Chairman of Advisory Council SPS. While in the daily official, AhmadDjauharasChief Executive ofSPSinthis period.

By the Desember 2014, SPS had 471 currently members of press publishers, from 30 branch of SPS all over Indonesia. The contribute of SPS member for the advertising expenditure from all of print media in 2014 which amounted 36,164 billion rupiahs (on gross), from all the circulations of print media that reach until 31,1 million copies, SPS member already donated about 19 million copies.

Now the end of the period of stewardship 2011 - 2015 and approach of the new management 2011 - 2015, SPS reaffirmed the vision and mission to keep enforcing the press freedom, also to build healthy and dignified press industry. It’s all threaded in the work program based on sections such as Education, Campaign, Advocation, and Consolidation of the Organization.