Design Graphic Workshop at Pekanbaru


Association of Press Publishers (SPS) in Jakarta cooperated with SPS Riau held a design graphic workshop at Pangeran Hotel, Pekanbaru, Riau Province, last 25th April. The main theme of this event was “Fascinate the Readers with Amazing Design.”

Pekanbaru was the first city that held this event. For the next time, SPS will do the same event every month at different places. The next workshop will be held at Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan Province.

In this occasion, The Head of Tempo Group Corporate’s Design Graphic, Malela Mahargasari, became the keynote speaker. Malela gave all participants some theories and they practiced. They were expected to apply those knowledge in their media based on what they got during the workshop.

SPS Riau Chairman, Dr. H. Syafriadi, said, graphic design is one of the main thing for media marketing. A good-looking and interesting layout in media would attract readers to buy newspaper.

“It’s difficult to produce a quality layout in media. Because of that, this workshop is needed,” said Syafriadi.

This event was followed by 22 participants from 22 medias from all over Riau Province. They were from Harian Tribun Pekanbaru, Metro Riau, Haluan Riau, Detil, Tirai Investigative, Media Riau, Buser Metro, AZAM, Rakyat Riau, Berita Terkini, Vokal, Radar Riau, Riau Pos, Intermezo, Pos Metro Mandau, Pos Metro Rohil, Pekanbaru MX, Koran Riau dan Riau Satu, Pos Metro Inhil, dan Pos Metro Indragiri.

Every participant got certificate which was signed by Daily Chairman of Central SPS, M. Ridlo ‘Eisy, and SPS Riau Chairman, Syafriadi. *SIS, ella